Inform and Protect

We educate people about what these majestic animals have on our ecosystem and spreads an important message about wildlife preservation.

Rescue Foster Adoption

All the dog sitting and boarding service proceeds help support the Kavik Rescue Foster and Adoption program. Thank you for your generious support!

Safe Haven

We provide safe harbor to the wildlife animals as well as the domestic wolfdogs, huskies. The domestic animal will be relocating to suitable adoption families.

Public Services

* Brief interview of your pet is required. For reconditioning, different breeds can produce a different result and be even more time-consuming on a case-by-case basis. A one-time charge for entire sessions, as long as needed.

Pet Daycare

Daily care for your loved pets while you're at work or away.

Per Night Sitting

Long term care for your loved pets while you're traveling abroad.


We are focusing on the animal with disobedience and non-compliance, injury-causing or destructive behavior, or personality.

Advanced Education

Provided by K9 Initiative. From Early Detection Warning System to Police and Military Readiness​. Working with the Department of Homeland Security and Airport Security.