Daily care for your loved pets while you’re at work or away.

Per Night Sitting

Long term care for your loved pets while you’re traveling abroad.



Obedience and Compliance. Habituation and Behavioral Sensitization, Personality Alteration.

* Brief interview of your pet is required. Different breeds can produce a different result and can be even more time consuming on a case-by-case basis. A one-time charge for entire sessions, as long as needed. Patience is also recommended with the owner before surrendering for adoption.

Emergency Boarding Assistance [no charge; case-by-case basis]

Emergency Boarding Assistance provides short-term boarding for clients experiencing homelessness, experiencing domestic violence, or dealing with another crisis situation. Our goal is to ensure that families who love their pets don’t have to make the difficult choice to surrender their furry loved ones simply because of a lack of ability to care for that family member.


The Emergency Boarding Assistance is subject to availability. To learn more about getting help, contact us at [email protected] or (650) 435-7698 and leave a brief message, or simply text to us.